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Moving to one nap a day?

Hi ladies,

When did you transition your LO to one nap per day. Our DD is 12 months now.


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Re: Moving to one nap a day?

  • Ds transitioned on his own. He kept fighting his afternoon nap and it got shorter and shorter.
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  • 15 months and DS is still taking 2 a day. 

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  • I thought my 12m old may need to go to 1 nap bc she was fighting naps so bad, but shes back to happily taking 2, so for now we are staying with that.
  • Unfortunately my LO's afternoon nap is fading and he still cant make it to bedtime, so we catnap at 430-5ish.
  • K just recently (last two weeks) decided he was going to wean himself of two naps.  He's been doing a 2-2.5 hour nap around 11:30 for a couple weeks now.

    I agree with PP, don't push it, just go with whatever your LO is doing.

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  • our daycare starts gradually transitioning to 1 nap per day, noon-230, at about 10.5 months in preparation for moving the baby to the toddlers classroom.  But each child is different so if they find that they need to wait a bit longer then they do.
  • DS1 transitioned to 1 nap a day somewhere between 14-15 months old. So I'm not expecting it to happen for DS2 anytime soon.


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