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PreSchool full time vs part time

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I didn't know what to think when I read ...."Kids who don't attend preschool all the time (ex. 8am-5pm everyday) are much better behaved and actually have better social skills when homelife balances and integrates learning."

I'm curious what majority of TheBump community thinks about this. My kid (3 yrs old) is full time at PreSchool/Daycare and she has the option to be part time but I don't want to take advantage of my in-laws. Grandparents watch her when my kid is sick or if I can't take the day off when the school is off. Social skills is a concern for me. I noticed my kid is not comfortable in family or social gathering, but the teachers has said she is one of the social kids in school. Her school is "learn in play" philosophy. Other than playdates and bringing her to kid friendly places, I don't know how to expand her social skill.

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Re: PreSchool full time vs part time

  • Does she just have a hard time around adults, but does fine with kids? Maybe have your in-laws pick-up every once in a while so you can have a date night and she can spend time with them? My DD is shy around people she doesn't know (kids and adults), but a leader when she knows the group she's with. Could this be how yours is, too? She may just be a bit shy.

    That line you quoted sounds strange to me, too.



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  • Don't pay any attention to that comment. It reeks of, "It is much better for kids to have a SAHM." Pulling your kid out of preschool doesn't help anyone's situation at all. Most 3 year olds, I bet, are shy around family gatherings. You have a ton of people there, all whom think they know you, that you barely ever see. That gets better as they get older.
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  • I think being in preschool/daycare full time vs part time has no effect on behavior.  I think how the parent parents and how the school teaches the kids plays into this 100%.  I have friends who done all the options from stay at home to part time preschool to full time preschool and see the whole spectrum in kids behavior out of all of the kids.

    My kids were in daycare/preschool full time and now are just finishing full day kindy and PreK and they are really well behaved kids.  I have a friend whose DD also did full time daycare/preschool/PreK/ and kindy and her child is not well behaved and my friend is the 1st to admit it is her fault 100% as she doesn't discpline her child (and she is paying the price big time now).

    My kids, on top of being in daycare/preschool, etc full time, took classes with DH and I had a great balance.  Weekends and evenings were/are family time.  They had a great variety of life in and out of school and we do fun things but we discpline.  The schools we choose had routines and rules and worked with the kids on all the social things that kids need to learn but also let the kids be kids and have time to play - all were play based programs.

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