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Have you given it to your LO?

Re: Tuna

  • Yep. Dude loves him some tuna salad.

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  • I only eat Tuna steaks, not the stuff from a can/pouch. The can/pouch stuff makes me want to yack, and I'm not comfortable giving him the tuna steaks since we cook it rare.

    But DS has eaten other fish that we cook like tilapia, salmon, grouper, cod, etc.

    He loves it! 

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  • Yes, he's had tuna. I hadn't heard there was a reason NOT to give it to LO?  

  • She tried it for the first time yestersay, we're having a hard time finding protein that she likes so I was having some and gave it a shot.  She liked it but I didn't give her very much, I'll probably keep it to once a week at most.  I did read somewhere (will have to find it again) that some types are better than others.  I can't remember if it's flaked white or skipjack but one has a lot less mercury.

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