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Outdoor activity suggestions?

I hope this hasn't been asked recently, but I was wondering what ideas other moms have for outdoor play for this age group. I've taken the twins' Exersaucer outside, set out a blanket and toys, and taken stroller rides, but I've wondered what other moms are doing for outdoor activities now that it's warm outside. Thanks!
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Re: Outdoor activity suggestions?

  • I got a one ring inflatable baby pool, 5 at Walmart. Right now it's filled with plastic balls and she loves it, but when it's hot I'll fill it with some water, or even sand. DD loves to swing in the infant swings at the park, go down the slide with me or by herself when I'm holding her, and she loves crawling through the plastic tunnels at the park too. I also got her a collapsible fabric tunnel at ikea but you can get them on amazon and she likes that too. I plan to take her swimming at a nearby park pool too when it warms up.
  • Water/sand tables seems to keep DS entertained for awhile when we do outdoor activities.
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  • He loves to play with water.  I take him outside on the blanket and put water in a tupperware container and let him go at it.

    He also just likes hanging outside on the blanket with a good musical toy.

    In the evening I put him in the walker and have him on the patio (it gets too much sun during the day).

    Oh, and he just got one of those ikea circus tents.  He likes to go in there and play. 

  • We have a great park nearby.  He loves going in the swing (is one of those with a seat that is enclosed so he can't fall out).  This keeps him happy for 20 minutes at least and I'm the one who usually gets bored with it first LOL.  He also likes to climb on the other things at the park, like on the slide, etc. He LOVEs that there are other kids around and it really keeps him amused for quite a longtime. Yeah he isn't old enough to really go on much, but just crawling around, climbing on the equipment, interacting with other kids is so much fun for him. I also take him jogging with me and he really likes that (he's babbling the whole time).
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  • Thanks everyone. These are all great ideas! Printing these out! ;)
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  • DS1 is 3 yrs old and wants to spend all his time outside. I have found it hard to take DS2 outside because of the same reason. Usually I will put him in his stroller with a snack or toys for a couple minutes, then the baby swing on our swingset, on the ground with a blanket (although he doesn't stay on it anymore) and sometimes I take his jumperoo out. I find it very difficult to play outside with him the age he is at now but we do it!
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