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9m Old's Eating Schedule

How much does or did your LO eat around 9 months old?  DS has always been a great eater and has loved basically every solid food he has tried.  He's starting to eat less formula and want more food.  He will fight and turn away a bottle but will eat a whole serving of food no problem.  I know they say "food before one is just for fun" so I'm just curious what others LO's are doing.  I have no idea how to figure out how much he should be eating or how much formula he needs to be eating a day.  I keep making him 7-8 ounce bottles like he used to drink.  Sometimes he drinks it and other times he barely drinks half.  I just feel like I'm wasting so much formula!  His 9m check-up is on June 5th but I wanted to get other moms opinions!

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Re: 9m Old's Eating Schedule

  • My LO eats baby oatmeal mixed with fruit puree for breakfast and then will drink about 2oz of formula, that's usually about 7am.  At 9:30, he has a 6oz bottle and goes down for a nap.  At noon he has a container of stage 2 veggie puree and about half a container of fruit, plus puffs and water in his sippy cup.  At about 2:30, he has a 6oz bottle and a nap.  At 5:00, he has a container of stage 2 meat/veggie combo (like chicken and vegetables, or sweet potato/turkey) and about half a container of fruit.  I always offer the whole fruit container but he usually only eats half.  More puffs and water in his sippy.  At 7:00 he has an 8oz bottle and goes to bed.

    This started slowly, in the beginning when he was eating less solids, he would have more formula but after a while he started refusing the bottle after eating his solids so I just switched to only giving him bottles at nap and bedtime.  He ends up having between 20-25oz of formula a day which I think is the recommended amount.  You can ask your pediatrician how much your LO should be getting.

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  • I BF, so i am not sure how many ounces he's getting but this is our schedule.

    7:30 am wake up - Both breasts

    8:30 am  - Oatmeal with some fruit (banana or blueberries etc.) I'd say he eats what would fill a regular jar of baby food.

    10:30 am - One breast before nap time.

    1: pm - Both breasts

    2 pm - Sweet potato, greenbeans or the like - he typically only eats about a half jar of food at this point.

    4 pm - One breast typically

    6 pm- one breast 

    6:30 - whatever we're having for dinner.  He typically eats about an ounce of meat/fish.  Then snacks on the veggies I've roasted.

    7:30 - Half cup of yogurt and a fruit, typically bananas.

    8:30 pm - both breasts before bedtime. 


    I think I'm making about 3 oz of BM on each breast, but BM typically has a higher fat/caloric content so "they" say they eat less BM oz than a formula fed baby.  Who knows if that is the case or not. 

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  • My daughter is also BF but she typically nurses 5 times a day and eats solids 3 times a day. I have sort of noticed her not nursing as long during her 4th nursing session of the day, but it's not a consistent thing.

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  • My 9 mo old gets three meals of solids each day. She nurses 6 times a day. so it goes like this.... Wake up nurse, breakfast and nurse two hours later, nurse after nap, lunch and nurse around noon, nurse at 3, dinner at 5 and then nurse before bed. My ped  said no less than 20 oz of breast milk/formula at this age.

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  • my DS2 is still drinking his 4 - 8oz bottles a day but he is starting to want table food not purees anymore and will throw fits if you try to feed him with a spoon

    So I have been trying to give him more finger foods but its hard. Here is what he ate yesterday


    toast (a whole piece with no crust) and a 5th of a banana


    cheerios and turkey vegetable puree (I was able to get some into him)


    watermelon and blueberries (cut very tiny) and pasta (cut very tiny)


    Hope this gives you some info!


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