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 So it sounds like we are in the same boat. I actually ordered Mother's Milk tea today and then spoke to a lactation consultant who said she thought my problem was actually an oversupply from the symptoms I described.  I'm going in for a consult on Tues and will let you know if she gives me any helpful info.

 Let me know if you find anything out as well :)

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  • Hi!  I'm glad you're going in-- maybe they will give you some good info!  I bought some Mother's Milk Tea (on sale at Target) but haven't used it yet since the LC suggested Fenugreek.  

    We will see the pediatrician on Thursday so I will let you know if there's any new recommendations.  It's so hard to sort out what is a BFing problem, a reflux problem, or something else.  How is your LO's weight gain?  DS's really slowed down since his 2 week check up and the LC and Dr were concerned about it.  The LC told me to feed him every 2 hours during the day.  

    So far, we've had a pretty decent day today-- no screaming refusal, which makes up for yesterday, which was horrible.  What a rollercoaster!  

    Hang in there, mama! 

  • Hi!

     Today was a much better day, out of all the feedings, she only gave me trouble once as I read your post earlier and tried to just follow her cues and not force things.  Instead of going into the feeding anticipating a problem I tried to remain as calm and relaxed as possible.  Maybe we're on to something, or maybe she's just cutting me a break for the day.. :)

    Her weight gain has actually been great.  She's almost 12 lbs (at nine weeks) and started out at about 7 lbs 5 oz. which is also why the LC thinks I have an overproduction because she's gone from the 50th to the 64th percentile.  I still find it very hard to believe, especially when breast compressions seem to help reduce her screaming while she's nursing.  I still think my flow is too slow for her.

    She's also had her hands in her mouth non-stop so I'm wondering if she's starting to get teeth.  I see tiny little white buds in her gums, but seems super early at 9.5 weeks?

     So glad to hear you had a better day today too.  I'll let you know if I learn anything useful this week. :)  Thanks for the support!

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