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Anyone Nursing and Pregnant?

My son is 7months old and I am 8 weeks pregnant. I plan to nurse and even tandem nurse if I can. I have heard of milk drying up, or babies not liking the taste anymore because the milk changes and so on. I have my son taking one bottle a day to give myself a break because my nipples are so sore, and he nurses so often. How was your experience and how did you overcome these obstacles.. or did you?

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  • Ark2013Ark2013
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    I'm about 12 weeks pregnant, I'll no for sure after my ultrasound on Tuesday. I'm still bf my 13 month old daughter.

    I only bf about 3 times a day and I haven't noticed a change in her wanting the milk or me not having enough. Although I have heard that this can happen.

    My biggest issue is the pain. It feels like when I first started bf. I clench my teeth every time she latches on. I haven't found a way to help it. I assume it is just typical breast tenderness and will either go away or it won't. I plan on stopping when she is around 18 months.

    I hope things go well for you.
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  • Cbeau+3Cbeau+3 member
    Thank you for the reply. About 18mo is my goal as well and I hope I make it that far. I've made up my mind that I I wont beat myself up about it if he chooses to stop or I stop producing. I might cry myself to sleep for a few nights though LOL.
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  • LMCB12LMCB12
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    I'm still breastfeeding and there have been some difficult days. My boobs are so sore and DS hasn't been feeling well so he's wanted to comfort nurse a lot. I haven't noticed much difference in supply. My goal is to make it a year. Almost there!
  • We discussed a couple of the issues in another thread if you want to take a look. :)

  • Thank you for sharing!
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