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Vacation: Time Change Question

I'll be flying from Boston to LA next month with DD, who will be turning 1 during the trip. We'll be in LA for a week. Any suggestions on how to get her used to the time change as quickly as possible?  Thanks in advance!

Re: Vacation: Time Change Question

  • When we travel with DD we don't bother trying to change her schedule.  It is going to be off no matter what so I just go with the flow.  Some night she has slept great, others not so much.  At least this way I don't have to transition her again once we get home!
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  • We went from central time to eastern time, only a 1 hour difference. I didnt plan on trying to change his sleep schedal at all. But he did it on his own. I say just go with the flow and let baby decide. Its a big change being away from home for so long. 
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