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What time for 1st bday party?

This seems random/silly to ask but what time are you guys having your LOs first bday party start if you are having a party?  My LO takes a 1.5-2 hour nap two times a day..usually around 10:30-12ish and 2:30/3:00 - 4:00. 

I suggested noon but hubby thinks thats too early.  Not that guests wouldnt be understanding if LO was tired/sleeping part of the time but we just recently went to a party and it started at 2 and the kid obviously hadnt napped all day so they were a MESS the entire party.  

I keep going back to maybe a one pm party but it has been happening more often that her morning nap is getting a little later and she sleeps til one. I know this isnt much of a pressing matter but for some reason im struggling.  Dont want her to be asleep half the party but dont want her super crabby either!  What are you guys doing?

Re: What time for 1st bday party?

  • That's almost exactly our nap schedule, too.  We are doing noon for the party :)
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  • Naps here are around 9am to 10:30am, and 1:30pm to 3/3:30pm. We're having the party at 3:30pm. I want to make sure ds is well rested! We went to a 1st birthday party a few months ago, and the little girl was a mess half way through the party because she obviously needed a nap.

    Why don't people plan these things better?

    For your schedule, I would definitely do noon to 2 pm.

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  • DS's nap schedule is still somewhat inconsistent.

    We planned the party for 2-4 and I think I am just going to try and wake him up earlier than normal in the morning, and have DH play with him A LOT to get him super tired and ready for his nap then hopefully he will sleep for awhile and won't wake up early and will be well rested for the party.

     Hopefully it will work out, but we will just play it by ear. Fingers crossed.

    Based on your LO's nap schedule I would say a 12 or 1 PM party wold work. 

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  • Nap time here is from 9am-11am and then again 3-4:30pm. So our party is from 11:30-2pm.
  • I was just debating this as well.  We have a similar nap schedule.  I'm leaning towards doing a 4pm party. since his bed time is 7:30-8. I think that would work for you as well.
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  • vrj0522vrj0522
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    We started his at 3:30 pm and he got up from his last nap at 4 pm to join in. By this time, we had started eating and it was easy to put him in his high chair and feed him.


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  • LO used to do a nap at 10 and then again at 3ish so we planned his party for 12-3.  Now he's starting to want just one nap around 1 which is terrible for our timing.  Lol.  I think we'll wake him early that morning, play hard with him, then H will take him for a nap in the car later in the morning.  Even if he gets 45 minutes in before the party we should be good.  Then he can have another nap afterwards.

    That is the plan...hopefully it works out.

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  • Danaz1Danaz1
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    Ds naps from 91030 or 11 the at 23:30 or 4 so we are doing a BBQ at 46
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  • BRBR
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    Nap time here is from 9am-11am and then again 3-4:30pm. So our party is from 11:30-2pm.

    This is our morning nap time too.  We also had her party at 11:30.

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  • oh man. i must be the only mom who didn't plan the party around nap time. he usually naps from 9-10:45 and then 2-4... i think that is hard to plan a party around... our party is scheduled for 1... I figured i would try to keep him up as long as i could in the morning and put him down for a later morning nap... 

    fingers crossed this plan works!! :)
  • allardrallardr
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    Ours is just family and friends (no other little ones) so I set the time exactly around LOs schedule. She naps 9am-10am and 1pm-3pm. We're doing a Saturday party at 11am, figure we'll have pizza delivered at 11:30 so an early lunch but hey it's worth it for a happy LO.

    Figure she'll nap til 10/10:15, nurse, then be happy for people's arrival, cake, swimming and then I can put her down around 1pm while we adults visit. She's not too bad if she misses or delays her afternoon nap but she is so cranky when her morning nap doesn't go the way it should.  (fingers crossed this is how it plays out anyway lol) 

    Do what'll work for LO who cares if it's "early" party.  

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  • mnb311mnb311
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    my DS naps from 9;30-11:30 and again around 2:30..  we're doing his party  12:30-2:00 pm
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  • Danaz1Danaz1
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    Naps from 9-11 and 2-4 so party is 4-6  bbq
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  • Honestly it's hard to say because every baby is different. For us, our kids typically nap 1-3 or 2-4. So, any of these 12 or 1 pm parties would be awful for us.

    To the PP who says, why don't people plan these things better? It's hard. Sometimes the baby has an off day. Sometimes the stimulation is too much. Sometimes the nap they "usually" have that morning, didn't happen that day. Sometimes a 12-2 party would work NOW, but by the time they have their party, maybe they dropped a nap and actually SLEEP 12-2.

    ETA: Personally a 10:30am ish party is ideal for us. From what I've seen, and my own experience, about 11-12 months is when they drop to one nap (afternoon usually), and so a 12 pm party would suck.

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  • This is probably beating a dead horse, but I stressed about the timing too, since obviously you have to send invitations out without knowing if your child's schedule will change within the next several weeks. For us it is going to work out though, LO's party is on Saturday and he currently naps from about 9:30-11 and then again from about 1:30-3, and his party is scheduled from 11-1. We just weaned his 11a.m. nursing session, so we will just grab a cup of milk and head out the door. 

    I would also have considered a 3:30-6:30 party, but my husband has to work that afternoon. 

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  • I must be the only one not having a weekend party.  LO's bday is on Tuesday and we're having it that night from 5-7.  He goes to bed around 8.
  • That is our nap schedule also. I work weekends until around two or three and I want my coworkers to be able to make it to the party and bring their children so we are having our party around either two or three 


    it will be hot so we are having a pool party/BBQBBQ 

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  • My little guys naps are kind of irregular. Usually the latest he sleeps until is 11:30. I planned his party to start at 11. My thought is that (in my group at least) most people don't show up on time anyway so it won't be horrible if he sleeps 30 minutes into the party.
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