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When to announce?

When do you plan to announce your pregnancy? Or what week did you announce?

I'm currently 4w5d, and I know I at least want to wait until my 6wk ultrasound. At first I wanted to wait until 12 weeks, but I am just too excited to hold it in that long. I feel like I'm going to blurt it out at any second.

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Re: When to announce?

  • We started telling people as soon as we found out - close friends, parents, and siblings. Basically just the people that would be supportive if something tragic happened. I'm not doing a public announcement on FB until I'm 12 weeks.
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    I think you should tell anyone that you would tell if you had a miscarriage.  For me that's close friends and family.

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  • I told my close family and friends right away, but I'm going to the doctor on June 5th and then I will announce it to my other friends and my cousins/other family that lives far away then do a splash on Facebook.

    I figure it's just more support if something happens and I'm bad at keeping secrets!

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  • I had a lot of anxiety early on so I did not want to tell anyone (including my parents).  After my 10 week ultrasound, I felt much better about things.  But at this point I'm just going to wait until after my next ultrasound, which will be at my first trimester genetic screening.
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    I told my close family and friends right away, but I'm going to the doctor on June 5th and then I will announce it to my other friends and my cousins/other family that lives far away then do a splash on Facebook.I figure it's just more support if something happens and I'm bad at keeping secrets!

    We told our parents and a few other close family members/friends as well... We will wait to tell more family after our u/s on the 5th... Fb announcement around 1218 weeks probably.

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    We told my parents at ~6 weeks because we took a vacation to see them. My IL's we waiting until ~13 weeks because I was high risk and wanted some answers from early testing first. If things turned out bad we would have told them but our parents are worry warts and I didn't need someone calling everyday checking on me making me nervous.  We told friends around 20 weeks after the a/s. 

    Do what you feel good with, we each have our reasons and I did feel like bursting from waiting so long but it was nice to have a secret between my DH, me and our DD's. 

  • We waited to tell our parents until 10 weeks and the rest of the family at 13.

    I think it is best to wait until after the first ultrasound.

  • My fiance and I told our immediate family (parents and siblings) the same week we got the BFP but like others have mentioned, I'm waiting to go public once I get to the 12 week mark since my Lupus makes me high-risk.  But it's totally your decision, and there's no right/wrong way to do it.  Congratulations and good luck tho!
  • I'm sure a lover for cute things and your bunny in your signature has be "aww'ing" :) I can never keep my big mouth shut and I'm only 13 dpo right now. I'm really shaming myself for doing so because if the pregnancy were to result in a miscarriage, it would be really hard to throw that out there. So my advice is to wait until week 10, but I wish I would have taken my own advice.
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  • I'm going to try to wait until our NT scan at 13 weeks. Hopefully I have enough willpower
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  • I told my best friend 2 days after we found out, and I just told my other friend a few days ago (she's due with her first in a few weeks, so it's nice to to be able to talk to someone who was in my position not too long ago).

    I don't plan on telling my parents/in laws/rest of the world until I'm closer to 12 weeks. I'd would like to tell my parents/in laws sooner, but I know my parents for sure won't be able to keep it a secret. They'll be far to excited to contain themselves, especially  my dad. 

  • I'll probably tell my besties after our 2nd beta. First was a little puny. I did tell my coach today because I wanted to let her know I'd be changing my goals for the time being, and so she wouldn't have to hassle me for backing off a little not going for PRs and stuff. I suspect I'll be telling coworkers soon as I'm an RN on a very small, tightlyknit unit and there will be a few categories of pts I shouldn't take. Rest of the world, 12 or 13 weeks.
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    We told a close friend around 7 wks and my sister/BIL (she guessed, I didn't plan on telling her) shortly after.  We were planning on telling immediate family tomorrow, but with things being crazy lately I'm a little hesitant.  So we'll see! 

    But I would say, if you haven't had any previous losses and everything looks good at your first scan, tell family whenever.  But DEFINITELY hold off on making a global announcement for a while unless you want to risk people asking you how the pregnancy is going 2 months after you miscarry.  Worst thing ever.

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  • I told my best friend within a few days of finding out, with my husband's blessing.  We told my parents and sisters days after our first US @ 6w3d, where we saw a heartbeat.  Have told a few others since then for different reasons, but will come out to DH's family end of 1st tri, my girlfriends after that, then work, then Facebook/Social Media/Blog.
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  • We told close family (parents & Grandparents) when we found out. We told a few close friends but are waiting until the first ultrasound at 10 weeks to spill the beans to everyone. We waited until week 11-12 with the first to tell everyone. But as others have said, its completely up to you.
  • I am in exactly the same boat! This is our first and we are super excited!! The only worry is the chance of miscarriage (which I know isn't too much of a problem due to my age). I suppose it depends on whether you would be horrified having to untell everyone later on or whether you're close enough to family/friends to need the support if it did happen.

     I am a little bit private with some things and couldn't imagine being over excited with friends and family only to have to tell them later that I was no longer pregnant. However, that is just me!

    We're TRYING to stick to telling the family and very close friends(just a handful) after the 7 week ultrasound and telling everyone else after the 14 week ultrasound :)

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