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Question about making fitted diapers...

We are expecting DS2 in September and I'm looking to save some money on buying fitted diapers so I thought that I would give making some of my own a try. 

I CD my 18 month old son right now but we didn't start with CD's until he was about 5 months old. So prefolds, fitted diapers and covers are all new to me because we went right into pockets that all have microfiber or microfleece inserts. 

So, I'm wondering if anyone has made some fitted diapers on their own and if so what material you've used and what has worked best for you? I have seen in some blogs where moms make their own from prefolded flats, tshirt materials, flannel and even non pilling fleece. 

Any tips, suggestions, pros or cons of making your own fitted diapers are welcome! TIA! :o)  

Re: Question about making fitted diapers...

  • I haven't made my own diapers but if you are looking for an affordable newborn option and you are already comfortable with pockets  you could try Kawaii Pure and natural  diapers. They are a popular and affordable newborn pocket and I had great success with them.
  • I've made lots.  They're pretty easy to do.  This blog has tons of great patterns and tutorials:

     I've been making her NB/S fitteds and XS fold in fitteds.  for the NB/s fitteds I've been upcycling an old tshirt knit material sheet--so 3 layers of that, a layer of cute knit and then some soakers to go inside.  The XS fold in fitteds I've been using 2 layers of OBF (which would then result in 6 layers after folding the wings in.)

    So happy to be expecting #7!
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