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I've become a human pacifier!!

My son is 3 weeks old today and he wants to nurse CONSTANTLY during the day, only he's not drinking.  He's usually just doing it for comfort.  Normally I don't care, but my nipples are starting to get sore from the constant nursing.  Any suggestions on ways to make it through this phase??
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Re: I've become a human pacifier!!

  • My daughter is 3 weeks as well and the same thing. She comfort nurses and cluster feeds. Have you tried a pacifier? I have never been a fan but I'm using it Noe. It has given my nipples a break at least for a little while.

  • Normal but yes it can be painful. I would use nipple cream. I have earth mama nipple butter and I love it. I read somewhere you can use coconut oil.
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    clearly she's latching well, a pacifier will not confuse her. try one. it saved my nips & i've been EBF ever since. if you are really against it, try a clean finger.
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  • My little guy just recently started getting better and he is 9 weeks. Most days he'd be on the boob for hours. It's really exhausting and everyone always says growth spurt. Feels like he's always been in a growth spurt.

    I've started giving him a bottle of formula once or twice a day because I just needed a break. I enjoy breastfeeding more now that I've done that. Not saying you should do that, just my experience.

    Hang in there. Maybe your little one will become more efficient soon.
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  • 3 weeks is when they are gearing up for major growth spurt, so sucking is their way of building up your milk supply. I went through it at 3 weeks, and again at 6 weeks.

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