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Avoiding being social

I'm so lucky to have friends and family (mostly women) who want to hang out with me for occasional lunch dates, etc, but I feel like a hot bag of shi* most of the time right now. My boobs are killing me, I'm exhausted, I'm irritable, I'm hot, my back hurts, I cry at the drop of a hat, and I just want to THROW UP EVERYWHERE. I know it could be so much worse, and I'm absolutely thrilled to be pregnant! But all of this makes me just want to be antisocial for a little while. At least until I can explain to people WHY I'm feeling so crappy.

 Any suggestions for what to say to defer a lunch date for a few weeks, without hurting feelings?

 (Important note: I recently quit my job and they all know this, so I can't use that as an excuse)

Re: Avoiding being social

  • Just be honest if these women friends of yours have been pregnant before then I'm sure they will more then understand. first tri sucks and its all about getting through it with some sanity. Take time for yourself you need that after all there will not be much of that after the baby iis born :)
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  • Tell them you are busy looking for a new job or are planning for interviews? Or say you have the stomach flu. Not sure how long you have to hold out for before telling; but I feel your pain. I am so antisocial right now.

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  • I have to hold out for at least another month :( I suspect I am about 8 weeks pregnant, but haven't had my first OB appointment to confirm that yet. I could be closer to 7 if I ovulated late (which I think I did). And I want to wait until 12 weeks to tell anybody. I'll probably go with the stomach flu thing. :)
  • Why not say that you are getting over being sick? 

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  • You could say you've been sick or think you're coming down with something. Could you say you have allergies that are really bothering you? I had a friend who felt horrible every spring and was just mia for a few months.
    I'm a SAHM, so can't use work as an excuse either. Recently, I've just said I've started one too many projects and really need to catch up on them. 
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    Why not say that you are getting over being sick? 

    This. Just go partial honesty that you are just not feeling well. That way it's truthful without spilling the beans--which it sounds like your not ready for. 

  • I also have been avoiding being social for the past few weeks, though I have been very blessed with minimal frustrating symptoms I am mostly not wanting to talk about much but being pregnant (self-absorbed, I know!) and am not ready to spill the beans to everyone just yet!

    I have just been claiming to have other plans (they don't have to know those plans are sitting on the couch and/or napping), and my friends/family doesn't pry past that.

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