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So how early do cravings set in? I may be a STM, but I can't remember. Does it take awhile or as soon as that egg is hitched can it hit you?
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  • It could have just been me and shame to think the little egg wanted fried chicken last night :P... Of course all the places in the suburbs that serve fried chicken close early, so I decided there would be no substitute and a trip to Rams Horn took care of that.
    Pregnant with #3, after thee, three's complete!!
  • For me it's been the moment I was pregnant! With both my boys and now again this time :
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    CP October 2012
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  • For me they hit around 7 weeks with my son but now with the twins I had morning sickness so bad it wasn't until week 9 and continuing to get stronger going into week 10 / 11 that they are very obvious

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  • I haven't had any cravings yet, i have no appetite at all. Hopefully I will soon, i miss food.
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