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Backyard baby pool exhaustion

Its 90 here in NJ, So I set the baby pool up, filled it up early so the water would warm up, put their wagon out so I have a safe place to strap one in, got them up from naps, put on their swim suits and sunscreen and my son poops in his bathing suit! Next my daughter pees. Ok, clean up and move on out. My son has a blast in the pool my daughter too until she starts crawling out and wanting to stay out. Now the crankiness settles in for lunch. Strap one down in the wagon so I can bring one in and then repeat. Change, diaper and feed them. I pulled a muscle and am exhausted by all if this. And I feel like I fail them because my attention is divided. Playing now and then naps. Do I attempt the pool again? Maybe wait till the husband comes home from work? I cannot imagine a vacation anywhere when this was supposed to be easy! And who invented infant bathing suits! What a waste! From now on its in their birthday suits or I'm going to get swimmer diapers! What I thought would be so simple was not with twins! Can anyone relate?

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  • Hahaha! I totally relate!! I was just feeling sorry for myself the other day when I had a similar experience. Only I put them on a blanket in the grass, but the wagon is a good idea. Mine are a bit younger than yours so the blanket works for now. They enjoyed the pool for 2 minutes then they were done. So much work for such a short time! Then I couldn't really sit back and watch them play in the water because, well, I was trying to keep them both from putting their face in the water. This is defiantely one of those activities where you need another adult. I just did disposible swim diapers and they worked great.


  • Yep! My husband set up this really cool water pad for the boys. He had to inflate part of it and the whole set up process took about 30 min. I got the boys all ready, dressed in swim clothes, got them outside, put them in the water and they screamed, and screamed and screamed until I took them off. Fail. We will try again! Hope your next attempt goes better! 

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  • Wow, I'm tired after just reading about it.  I can relate.  A day in the life of a mom of multiples.  Hope you can put your feet up while they nap.
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  • Ha, my attempt at that was similar. I do have Velcro cloth swim diapers that are a little easier to work with, but I didn't even think to bring them out with me and after they went in with their diapers, I let them go native in the end. Coming inside required a lot of screaming, my neighbors must think I pinch my kids a lot or something. But like everything else with twins, I assume it will get easier with practice. I was a little thankful that it has been cold here lately so I am not inclined to try!
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    Waiting for my buddy, s0ulchicken, to finish cooking her own twins!
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    image LottaLattes:
    Coming inside required a lot of screaming, my neighbors must think I pinch my kids a lot or something.

    Haha I love this! I'm sure my neighbours think the same thing!

    I was laughing when OP was describing strap in the wagon the logistics of life with multiples....I find some days I just need to evaluate myself and if I'm up to the task! It sure takes a lot of patience for maybe 1/2 hour of pool time!! I totally feel where you are coming from! 

  • Wow, this was almost exactly my day minus some of the details. I'm in NY and thought it was a great day to try out the pool too and was so incredibly overwhelmed with the whole process. I was exhausted by the time they got in lol. (And amen about the suits. So cute but so impractical).  They loved it but I felt like a nighthawk trying to keep them from climbing out, pulling each other down etc. then the fun really began when it was time to get out. Whew, fun times.

    Btw, our lo's are only a couple weeks apart!! 

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