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DNA testing- what company did you use?

Hi All,

We had di/di twin girls 3 weeks ago.  The pathology report indicated that the girls are 85% fraternal, however DH & I are still interested in finding out for sure whether they are or not.

 Can any of you recommend a company that you used and the what the process was?



Re: DNA testing- what company did you use?

  • We used Proactive Genetics.  It was $100.  They were quick and the process was easy (swab in the morning and after dinner).  We stuck them in the mail and had the results within 10 days.  I even got a call when the results would be a day later than promised!
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  • Thank you.  I saw them online...didn't know much about them!
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  • Also used Proactive Genetics - very happy!  When we got the result back as identical on our di/di boys I was afraid I got the swabs mixed and emailed.  They responded very quickly and politely that they would have been able to tell if the results were mixed :) great customer service!  Just curious, how does a pathology report calculate a percentage fraternal?  I didn't have one because there were two distinct placentas. 

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  • To answer your question- I really don't know! LOL.  I didn't even know they were sending out the placentas to pathology until I was told right after delivery.  We also had two placentas.  My understanding is that it's our hospitals protocol to check for any unusual diseases- not necessarily fraternal or identical testing.  But we were told that this would tell us if they were.  I'll need to query it a bit more when I actually see my OB for my post partum visit.  
  • Interesting!  You should definitely ask them how it is calculated - might save you the $100!  We waited until 4 months because I heard a lot of people did it early then the babies started to look really different!  After that long I just couldn't take the suspense anymore :)  It was also nice to be able to answer people correctly when they asked instead of "weellllll we don't know" haha
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