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Thoughts and emotions

I am about 5 wks along, will find out for sure how far along in a couple weeks at my first appointment.

Does or has anyone else wonder if they really want this now that they are preggo? I get excited and think about what fun it willbe to have a baby, and how happy everyone else will be. Then i worry i wont love baby like a normal mommy would or get scared thinking of baby growing up. Is this normal ? What are your thoughts and emotions like right now?  I suffer from a panic disorder, maybe i am thinking way too much...... 

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    I have really mixed feelings.  Obviously I'm extremely happy and excited about having our 3rd LO and completing our family, but I'm also bummed.  I hate being pregnant and not getting to drink by the pool over the summer, getting heartburn and nausea and being huge, and labor is obviously terrible.  And having a newborn is awful and you never sleep and ugh...  It can be really overwhelming!!

    I think it's normal to have mixed emotions about a pregnancy! 


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  • I have gone from feeling so happy to feeling like what did I get myself into about 20 times a day!  I really worry about going back to work, finding childcare, not being there to see the kid grow up because I have to work and feeling guilty about it.  I am sure this is all normal, but I've always been one to worry and over-analyze EVERYTHING!!!!
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  • Thanks ladies- your words help a ton!! 
  • Worries of all kinds based off of such a huge life change are normal. Panic disorder can only make these worries a little bigger. I have anxiety, although it rarely bothers me anymore, so I get it.
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