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Infant carrier question

Extremely premature to ask this but was wondering what if you deliver the babies and when it is time to leave the hospital they weigh less than the recommended weight on your carriers? Then what? Send DH to buy new ones? I have two carriers but never thought of this possibility happening until seeing the birth announcements the past few days!



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    The minimum weight on most car seats is 5lb, and I don't know about the area you live but the hospitals here don't like sending a baby home before they weigh 5lb. Also, some hospital will let you kind of borrow a special lay down carseat made for premies, because when they are that small sitting up can cause respiratory distress. 

  • Okay good to know! I guess I never thought about the fact that they won't let them go home that small. DS was almost 7lbs at 5 weeks early so I am not expecting teenie babies but ya never know! I would be so scared taking home babies that small!



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  • Our hospital had you use a car bed if your baby was between 4 and 5 pounds. 
  • We purchased seats with a minimum weight of 4lbs. in the event we needed a lower weight. Our boys were not in the NICU, but were 4lbs8oz at discharge. During their carseat challenge, the nurse explained how to appropriately strap in such tiny babies.

    We have Ch.icco Keyfit 30s, but I believe also makes a seat with a 4lb weight minimum.
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  • Safety 1st and Chicco make seats with 4lbs weight limits. We got that one all 3 of mine went home under 5lbs. They all past there carseat test in there own seats. 

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    The Britax B Safe is also a 4 to 30 lbs infant car seat.
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    Mine were An Ounce Or Two On Either Side of the 5 lb mark. i had a graco 32 from my son that was rated for 5lbs, that the slightly heavier twin was in, and a new graco 30 that is rated for 4lbs that the slightly smaller twin was in. truthfully, i wish i had just gotten two graco 30s because i've had to stuff a cloth diaper rolled up between the crotch strap and the baby in the 32 to keep her in a better position. i can't move it closer to her body, its not adjustable like the shoulder straps. oh well, it works for now.

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  • Sidney came him in Spencer's car seat because it was for 4 pound babies.  he came him in her pink 5 lb car seat.  They stayed in the opposite car seats for a month at least, until I felt comfortable moving her.  No real reason for the month, but that is about how long they were switched.

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