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Was a June mom now a may mom

I've been lurking in here since dd surprised up 4 weeks early on the 19th. I figured I would introduce myself before I just start posting. 

My original due date was 6/14 but baby wanted to come out early. I had a natural delivery with no complications. No one knows why she wanted out. We've had a few scares and have already been to the ER and admitted back to the hospital since her birth date but after ped appointment today she is as healthy as can be! 

Im excited to post more in here since I seem to be more on schedule with may babies than some of the June ones.  

proud pagan 
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Re: Was a June mom now a may mom

  • Welcome and congrats! Glad she is healthy as can be now!

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  • Congratulations and welcome! Glad your LO is doing well but sorry about the scares.
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  • Congrats and welcome.
  • congrats and welcome! :)
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  • Thank you!
    proud pagan 
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