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had a scan yesterday routine check i am 7weeks, yolk sac and fetal pole present but they couldnt find a heartbeat. thy said the fetal pole was 4mm and that it was very small for 7weeks. ive had no miscarriage sypmtons. they didnt really say much just that it was bad news and couldnt find a heartbeat. ive got to go back in two weeks to see if there is a heartbeat. so dont really no what to think if its all over or i should have hope. any mums been in same situation thankss x

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  • This sort of happened to me and I've read that if the fetal pole is smaller than 5mm then it would be hard to find a heartbeat.  You could have ovulated later than you thought therefore not being as far along as you may think.  Do you track that?

    I'm in the same boat as you- basing it off my LMP I should be further along than what I'm showing.  They did some blood-work and I go in for a scan next week (which is 2 weeks later).  My doc said it could go either way. 

    Good luck either way - the waiting game stinks! 

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  • i am hoping that is the reason. its very stressful isnt it. this is my second pregnancy and think i am more of a nervous wreck than i was last time! hope you get on ok!! i agree i hate waiting xx
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  • It's extremely stressful and it has consumed my thoughts ever since my appointment last week.  This is why most doctor's won't do scans this early though.  It brings unnecessary stress!  Try and keep positive - let us know how your next appt goes!
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  • Sorry you have to go through this. Waiting is the worst! Sending positive thoughts your way!
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