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How to wean off of paci?

Not sure how to do this but I want to start weaning my DD off of the paci. She only takes it at night to help her fall asleep. But I want her to learn how to sleep without it. Any tips? She just turned 10 months old by the way. Thanks ladies.
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Re: How to wean off of paci?

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    She's so little. I'd let her have it. Of course I'd love it if my almost 10 month would take one! He sleeps great without it but so nice for the car, church, shopping cart, ect!
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  • Honestly, if she is STTN I wouldn't do anything about it yet.  I'm not making any changes as he just started STTN and I don't want to mess it up.  I do try to limit his use during the day only because he isn't talking if he has it in.  He is a very verbal baby anyways but he would literally have it in all day if I let him.  If there was a significant medical reason for weaning him from it, I would but I really don't know of any yet....
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  • I wouldn't try to take it away. I'd be worried my LO would replace it with a thumb or fingers, which is way worse not only for mouth and gum development but how the heck do you take a finger or thumb away? You might have more problems taking it away right now...
  • my grandmother told me (before we decided to not use a paci at all) that when it was time to wean from it to snip a little bit off the tip of every paci everyday until there's a hole in the tip. the problem i see with that though is that then they would be sucking in air. but she claims that she did it with all 4 of her kids and all of us grandkids and that once we realized that the paci had a hole we threw it to the side. after about 3 tries with various ones we gave up and didn't want the "plug" (as she calls it) again.
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