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? two month appt

Should I give lo tylenol or motrin before we go for his shots? If so which is safe for babies?

Re: ? two month appt

  • I do. It helps with soreness. Tylenol though, Motrin is not really safe until I believe 6 months of age. And the dosage depends on your LO's weight. You might want to call your pedi and ask how much is recommended. My LO is 14 lbs and we do 8ml before her appts.
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  • Motrin shouldn't be given to babies under 6 months old. Tylenol can be administered after their shots, but isn't recommended before. It can affect the effectiveness of the vaccines.
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  • we are going in next week and i just called and asked my pedi this. She said not to because if LO has a fever that day for some reason it would be masked by the tylenol- but she shouldnt be getting shots if she is sick, so to wait until you get to the clinic and she is checked out before administering any fever reducers. Thats just what I was told...
  • Our pediatrician said not to.  We gave a few hours after when she seemed like she was in a bit of pain and it worked almost immediately.
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