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Bathing while traveling

Next month we're taking a road trip with our LO to see family and friends. We'll be away for almost 3 weeks and staying in hotels for a lot of the time. How would you suggest I bathe her? If it were a short trip, I would be fine with sponge baths, but since it's a long trip in the summer, I feel that she needs proper baths. Neither I nor DH feel comfortable taking her in the shower with us since she's already over 14 lbs and will be bigger by then. I was looking at portable bathtubs but every one I've seen has some bad reviews that make me uncomfortable. Any suggestions?
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Re: Bathing while traveling

  • evertzevertz
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    I'd just use the sink in the hotel. It should be shallow enough to allow you to bath baby without issue.
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  • =Lee=B=Lee=B
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    We just travelled with our then 10week old and found she was too big for the bathroom sink (and faucet would be greatly in way of wiggly baby).  I just filled the bathtub up a couple inches and lied her down in it...the water was not high enough to reach up to her face.  The only way for her to get water in mouth/nose would be to fully turn head all the way to the side...which I would just stop her from doing.

    It was a fast bath but she got a good scrub down and was happy as could be.


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  • You can put a thick towel in a tub (or even sink for cushion) and roll it up near where her head will be to elevate her head above the few inches of water.  
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  • We are on vacation now with our 10 week old and I have been getting in the bathtub with him. We're out of the country so bringing a bathtub was out of the question. I just sit with my knees up and lay him in my lap. It's worked great! I also hold him up and swish his legs and body in the water and he loves it! Different than laying in his tub at home.

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  • image 2013mommy:
    I was going to suggest showering with her but since you're not comfortable with that what about getting in the tub with her? That's what I do with DS most baths rather than dragging out his baby tub. Or the suggestion of just a couple inches of water in the tub. 


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  • We were just in FL for a week.  DH got in the tub with both of our boys and just held DS2 on his lap.  Worked out great-- they had a ball!
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