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can you tell me whats wrong with me?pregnant?

Okay so I have not had my period in about 4 months.reciently I been getting pain in my lower right side I want to say my right ovary hurts kinds dull pressure of a week ago I been getting pressure in my butt area.all my pregnancy tests come out negative.I also have pressure/pain during sex. have not had any symptoms of pregnancy either:/ I'm in my early twentys and haven't had my mother around to ask these kinds of questions too.also my last period was late also by a few months but eventually came. Also,I'm overweight if that changes anything. Any ideas what's wrong?

Re: can you tell me whats wrong with me?pregnant?

  • Don't ask the internet to diagnose you.  Go see your doctor.

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  • You need to go to the Dr asap. 
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