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Summer and the "pre-teen"

If you work, your H works and you have a kid going into 7th grade what the heck do you do with them during the summer?  Is this too young to be home unsupervised, do you find a summer camp (which she is not too thrilled with the idea).  My dd is on the younger side for kids going into 7th grade, she is still only 11 years old.  My son is living at home, but working and his schedule is not consistant from week to week... I have less than 2 weeks to figure this out. UGH! 


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  • We are doing summer camps but they may stay home alone one week. I am not thrilled about them staying home alone but DH and BM think its fine. We have done summer camps for years so they didn't grumble. Just wanted input on which camps.
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  • When our 16yr old was that age he spent the summer volunteering for the local library.  Not sure if they have something like this where you are but there are lots of volunteer places here that don't mind if you are a minor.  We were able to drop him off in the morning and pick him up after work.  He helped with the little kids reading times, organizing books and spending time with other volunteers his age all day.  Not sure if that will help but at the time it was a life saver for us.  It didn't cost anything, he was busy in a good environment all day, and he loved it.  Now that he wants to work it is also one of the things that looks great on his limited resume.
  • At 11 I think she may be able to still do GS camps.  Here, you pay a $12 fee if you are not an active scout.  SD went and enjoyed it.  DD goes every year.  Can you organize any day long play dates?  I know at that age I stayed home alone while my parents worked, but some days my mom would organize with one of my friend's moms to pick me up at 10 or so and she would get me that night or sometimes I would have summer sleepovers during the week (so two days I was not home alone all day).  My parents reciprocated on weekends.
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  • SS is nine and will be with us for 7 weeks. DH is taking three full weeks off, me two weeks, and for two weeks he will be going to a summer camp. The summer camp has field trips daily so SS will be busy. DH will be working the AM shift and picking SS up early afternoon so they will have plenty of one on one time.

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  • My SS is 11 and going into 7th grade. He will be going to summer camp. 
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    Well, I'm SAHMing now (well, SAHGPing) but at that age I would still do summer camps.  Kiddo is doing Girl Scout pony camp (she's 9) and a Bible camp for a week and kidlet will be doing Y-camps.  At pre-teen they're not old enough to stay home all day over the summer and be latch-key.  Maybe for a couple hours after school before you come home from work but not all day.

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