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Traveling with Breast Milk Bottles

I breastfeed, but then we also supplement with breastmilk (when I can pump enough) and formula.  Whenever we are out and about we always supplement with formula, as I'm not quite sure how to travel with breastmilk ...

 How do you do so?  Do you bring it in a cooler, and if so, does your baby like it cold?  Do you bring it room temperature, and if so, how long can it be room temp?

Any other suggestions?

Re: Traveling with Breast Milk Bottles

  • evertzevertz
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    I don't actually have a lot of experience but... Do you store your milk in baggies? I do so I imagine if/when I travel with breast milk I'll put it in a cooler and then, before feeding baby, I'd warm up the milk in my hands or by putting it against my skin under my clothes. I'd just take the chill off of it until it's room temp. Baby doesn't seem to care if milk is body temp or room temp whenever we need to use pumped.
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  • In general, a nice rule for breastmilk is the rule of 6. 6 hours at room temp, 6 days in the fridge, 6 months in the fridge freezer, 6-12 months in a deep freezer. 

    I don't travel with breastmilk. I just nurse him, but I know that's not everyone's preference. If your baby likes milk warmish/room temp, I'd just put it into the diaper bag. If I was going for longer than six or eight hours, I'd make sure to chill it with an ice pack or cooler or something (or if it was going to have it out in the heat).  


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  • Kota26Kota26
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    I agree with pp. My son will drink bottled breastmilk cold without complaint, but someone gave us a traveling bottle warmer as a gift. It is called the Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer and runs about $16 on amazon. For long trips I could see us storing a bunch of milk in a cooler and then taking one out at a time and warming.
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