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Do any of your LO's wear crocs? Do you recommend them for a 19 month old?
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Re: crocs

  • I recommend keens h2. They stay on my little guys' feet really well and wash up really nice. So far it is my favorite summer sandal. When I say 'go get you shoes,' they almost always grab their keens. I believe target and kohls have something similar.

    Edit: my friend's son wears crocks all the time, but they don't seem to stay on his feet. So I've never really considered them.

  • My almost 15 month old has basically lived on the Target version of Crocs for the last 2 months.  We love them!

  • Great for the summer, also have the Target crocs.
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  • Just got K knockoff (walmart) crocs and she seems to love them. We started going to the splash pool since the weather is so nice and I didn't want her (target knockoff) keens to get ruined by geting wet every day, can you tell I refuse To pay loads of money for adult brand shoes for babies... Seriously walmart crocs are the best! Also they stay on really well, whereas allother shoes she ripsoff right away and wants to go everywhere barefoot.
  • Best.Shoes.Ever.  We have knock off ones as well.  DD can put them on herself.  They must be comfortable because she would wear them all the time if I let her.  They clean so easily with just a spray of the hose.  Give great traction for slippery areas.  We call them our 'backyard shoes' as it can get pretty wet and muddy back there during the spring rain storms :) 
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    Thanks everyone. Im definitely getting him some then. I wanted a pair of easy slip ons for outside play. It sounds like crocs will be perfect!!!
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    My oldest has had a knockoff pair for every summer since he was born!  They are so easy to clean up and they stay on with the heel strap.  The only downside is the horribly stinky feet from wearing rubber all day!
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  • I'm the odd one out. I have nothing against them, but my kid has a pair and she hates, hates them. THe ankle strap bothers her and her feet get all slimy in them.

    Ditto the Keens though. When I say "go get your shoes" she brings me those every time.

    They're not expensive at all. Less than $20.00 on amazon and they fit and last forever even after almost weekly trips through the wash. Worth it.

  • My 17 month old daughter LOVES her crocs! She is now on her second pair of crocs and they are so easy for her to put on by herself and she is so proud of wearing them.  She even wears them with her pjs around the house :)
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