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Help! Baby is coughing/sneezing but no fever.

Earlier today my 11.5 mo old developed a raspy cough and sneezing quite a bit.  He has no fever, eating normally and acting/playing normally.  He also has a slightly congested nose.  I tried to clean his nose this evening and it was a little stuffy but dry.  Any thoughts on what this could be?  Is it a cold or maybe allergies?  I'm more nervous about the cough since this the first time he has ever had something like this.  I am also scheduled to go away this weekend and leaving baby at home - now I am so paranoid and worried that I am contemplating whether or not to cancel my trip.  Any advice or thoughts would be great!!!

Re: Help! Baby is coughing/sneezing but no fever.

  • If there's no fever, I would guess that's it is just a cold or allergies. If it's a cold, it can last for about 10 days. My pedi recommended running a cool mist humidifier in his room at night, using saline nasal drops about 4 times per day, and suctioning his nose (although be careful not to do that too often). But as always, if you're really concerned definitely call the pedi for some peace of mind.


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