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Any moms had c sections at the Elliot?

Hi, im expecting twins and may have to have a c section. It would be my first so im curious as to how I may prepare.

Are there certain days the hospital schedules non emergency c sections?

Do they allow you to keep the baby with you while they clean/close you up?

 Can you nurse right away?

 What was the soonest you were allowed to go home after a c section?

If you went home early, what type of closure did you have on your incision? i.e. stitches, staples, glue, the tape strips etc

Did you have any say on how they closed you?

Did they give you a tummy binder... or did you have to bring your own if you wanted to use one?

 Any experiences would be great to hear..... my OB doesnt seem oto forthcoming with info, I suppose bc it is all everyday stuff to him and it's easy to forget that we dont all do this everyday. lol




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Re: Any moms had c sections at the Elliot?

  • We're just about at the same point in our pregnancy, both with twins! I will be delivering at the Elliot as well, so we very well could end up neighbors :) We live in Derry, and I'm expecting identicle girls DD June 12th :)
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  • Oh wow, congrats!!

    My lo's are di/di.

    I cant decide if I want to ask my Dr to just schedule a c section and not even try a vaginal delivery with them or try to wait and see if they will be in the right position when it's time.

    These are numbers 6&7 but I have never had a c section. Ive also never gone into labor on my own and needed to be induced with each one. My Dr's dont think ill have any problem making it to full term because of my history and that my uterus seems to stretch 'well', lol. 

    He said he will induce if I want at 39 weeks. Or schedule a c section but he doesnt do anything before then without a medical reason. Even for twins! ugh....

    That kinda frustrates me, im huge already and can barely do anything w/o feeling nauseous and having severe back/hip pains. 

    Id be grateful if he would agree to something a few weeks sooner but there is no arguing with the Boss. He also wont attempt to turn baby B if she is breech or turns after baby A is out, it would be an auto double whammy for me which is why im torn on whether to try vaginal at all (if baby A is even head down at the time) .... so im left with trying to get as much info as I can so im not too surprised by whatever happens.

     Do you know what you'll be doing yet? How is your pregnancy going?



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  • Number 6 and 7, OMG! I can't even imagine, if I can ask, have you seen a large difference between this pregnancy and the others (which I assume were singletons)? I don't want this challenging pregnancy to deter me from thinking about #3 in the future, and in my mind I keep telling myself a 'normal' pregnancy just has to be easier.

    I was having the same thought process as you and just assuming I'd have a C section, then I took a birthing and labor class at NiNi Bambini and decided I was going to try my hardest to have a vaginal delivery. I still have that fear too though! That I will go through all of the work to have one vaginally then they'll still have to slice me open, probably one of my biggest worries. has a bunch of simple exercises that are supposed to help position the babies (well baby, but supposed to work for twinies too) so I've been doing those with that hope.

     My pregnancy is going alright, I'm surviving, but like I said I'm unsure whether its just pregnancy in general that is this difficult or just because of the twins.  I've actually been much better the past few weeks, with the exception of sleeping (or lack of) and these crying bouts that are starting to make my husband question my sanity, lol.

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  • lol. Im overweight, was going into the pregnancy, so I really think that effects everything as far as a lot of it goes.

    My others have all been singles, so this was Super shocking! 

    Medically ive had no 'OMG' issues with this pregnancy. LO's look great, BP is under control, tho it rises easily with stress. No GD. No BR, short cervix issues etc.

    All tests have been normal..... 

    Some things are just Here, before I expected them. The amount of aches and pains, RLS, pregnancy induced Carpal Tunnel, heart burn, having a belly that is full term size, NOW, lol.

     I have a lot of energy, mentally... but when I try to get things done I hit a wall pretty fast. Grocery shopping, house work etc. I cant get much done before the weight/heavyness of the pregnancy and back pain have me light headed, my BP getting wacky and feeling like im going to pass out. It's a tough place to be because I also have a 1 y/o that needs me all day. Im in nesting mode, mentally, but not able to get much done.

    I try to have reasonable expectations from day to day and not get too frustrated over anything.  I dont have the energy to spare! Since it doesnt seem to be that I will be having these 2 early, I still have time left to do what I want to do.

    My fear as far as that goes is that im going to keep having less and less energy so I do realistically need to get as much done asap before my ability to move completely deserts me lol

    If I were you, I wouldnt be concerned with future pregnancies. If anything they should seem like a cake walk after a twin pregnancy. =) A lot of the things that make a pregnancy difficult are exaggerated with multiples.  Even if you have a relatively easy or 'uncomplicated',  pregnancy, there are still things that cant be helped. The extra weight, fluids/blood in the body, pressure on our pelvises/backs, more stretching inside and out!  - there is just more to it that makes it all possible that our bodies are going through. 

    How old is your lo? 


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  • This is our 1st and 2nd! I'm 27 weeks along tomorrow. No complications here, everything seems to be going along fine. I started this pregnancy overweight as well, and have a history of hip problems, so most of my issues have revolved around that.  Peeling myself out of bed in the morning to head to work is one of my challenges,

    I hear you with hitting a wall quicker than you expect, alot of days during the week I have big plans for stuff to be done when I get home, but by the time I'm home for work, I'm just about out of gas. Dinners have been very simple and quick lately, good thing my husband doesn't mind :) I've been trying to get alot of house stuff done on weekends where it's easier to break/nap in between.

     I've been at a couple of breastfeeding classes where everyone was having singles and was pretty far along (34-38 weeks) and I feel like mu bump is the same size and theirs, I can only imagine where I'm going to be later!

    I can't believe you're able to keep up with a 1yo, kudos to you!

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  • Ahh... for some reason I was thinking you had said this was your 2nd pregnancy!

    I googled pics of ladies pregnant with twins and seriously... some of them, it looks like their bellies are barely holding on, for dear life style!! All of my maternity clothes are getting small, some already are too small to be worn. It's crazy. 

    Im not working right now, I was doing home daycare, watching a few toddlers but I was having some ongoing issues with both of the two families I was providing care for for some time now and so I just decided to wrap it up and close the door for now. Im hoping to re open in the Fall after the babies come and the older kids are back in school after this summer.....  and ive had a chance to get used to having the twins and all that. A fresh start per-say, with a few new families!

    Previously ive done LNA work, both in home, nursing homes and for medical staffing agencies. I really prefer being able to work from home tho and be here for my kids..... so hopefully that will work out.

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  • Congrats to both of you on your twins!  I had a c section at Elliot 4 years ago last Friday.  My husband was with the baby while they fixed me up, but he was able to bring the baby to me.  They used staples to close me up and they weren't bad having them.  Overall it wasn't a terrible experience.  I wish you the best of luck!

  • Thank you!

    im mostly trying to think of all of the little things that I have no idea about...

    I really hate nurseries and always have my lo's with me unless medically necessary, which thankfully has been rare.   I really cant stand the thought of my babies be passed around a nursery when IVE been waiting all this time to hold them, lol.

    Im also worried that I wont heal well, something will get infected, re open etc..... I want so much to just feel like super mom asap and be able to be mobile without feeling like my body is tearing apart and all that. I know it's not realistic..... which is why I at least want to be aware of what may happen so I can do my best to adjust and prepare. 

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  • Little bit different but I had an emergency c section 7 months ago and was closed with stitches that dissolves on their own. Surgery itself wasn't at all painful of course but it was very uncomfortable though labor itself is uncomfortable no matter thee circumstances Anyway, I gave birth on a Sunday and was sent home the following Thursday. The worst part I would have to say was not the incision itself, but the gas pains afterwards. My best advice is even if you are in pain afterwards definitely get up and moving as soon as possible even if its just walking back and forth in your room. The more you move the quicker you'll get everything working again and the pain and discomfort will go away! Also I am from Derry too, congratulations on your twins!
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