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photoshoot fail

We finally did her 18-month photoshoot today (a little late...we were out of town then it's been rainy the other weekends...)...Other than half the flowers in the park now being dead (they were fine Fri when I drove by), the shoot was ok as it can be with an active child running around. We had a great idea to get a big round lollipop as a prop -- it cost me $5 and broke in about 5 seconds :( Boo! I think she did end up getting some good pics, so I can't wait to see them...



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Re: photoshoot fail

  • Aww, I think these are cute shots! Sorry that it didn't turn it as planned.

    Baby Boy #2 is on the way!

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  • I can't seem to ever get my kids to pose or sit still so I have resorted to following them around while they play in pretty places.  I have achieved several good shots that way.  Hopefully some of the pics came out well!

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  • Lol...toddlers are impossible!  I always think our photoshoots are a mess, but there are always a few good pictures in the bunch. 
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  • Thankfully, we did end up with several good ones! Somehow! ha
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