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Minor's Flying without Adult

So BM paid to have my adoptive sons fly to visit her this summer and they leave next Tuesday for 3 weeks.  

Side note:  I say adoptive sons on this board (not because I love my boys any "less than" if they were my own) because their BM has re-entered their lives.  I think it would be confusing to reference her as BM and call them DSs in my posts - folks would not have a clue what I'm talking about.

So anyway, they have never flown on a plane before and I'm nervous because they have to fly by themselves for this first time.  Also, they have a lay over and will have to switch planes.

They are 16 and 14 yrs old so they are old enough and quite capable.  They have ID cards, insurance cards, medical power of attorney, cell phone and their debit cards.  Am I forgetting anything?  For those of you who have kids flying back and forth, is there anything I should tell them or prepare them for?  I know they will do great, I just want to make sure we've prepared them as best as possible.  Thank you for any insightful feedback.

Re: Minor's Flying without Adult

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    Did you notify the airline? I believe sometimes they can have someone provide special assistance for them and just generally check-in on them more. They would make sure they have everything they need and get to the right baggage claim area, etc. Though they seem old enough to handle themselves it's nice to have another adult checking-in. 
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    It's nice to sometimes add a disclaimer for your situation here, so many are blended in different ways. When I first came here we were fostering (before there was an adoption board) so I started using FD (foster daughter) but I think in the beginning it was a confusing term, more so than the normal confusing terms.... LOL. 
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  • MrsHK - BM notified the airline that they were minors when the tickets were purchased.  However, I will call again to make sure and see if they will make any special accommodations.  As far as the confusing terms go, I can appreciate where you are coming from.  Thank you.


    Wendilea, I wish I would have know about Frontier and America West prior to BM's purchase of the tickets.  I will so remember that for any future visits.  That is great that they allow you to drop off/pick up at the gate.  The boys will have to switch planes at the layover and the layover is for 2 hours.  If the flights are on time (fingers crossed) that should be plenty of time.  


    Thank you for the info & suggestions ladies.  It should be ok.  This is their first time.  I am probably more nervous than they are. 

  • I think most airlines will provide passes for gate pick ups/drop offs of minors. I know southwest does.
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    My son has flown unaccompanied for years on several different airlines.  They all provided gate passes for the dropping off/ picking up parent.  You go to the check in counter as if you were actually flying and checking baggage (each airline has different policies on which counter to use such as first class or other, check with the people helping outside of the counter so you don't wait in line unnecessarily).  You provide your ID and they give you a pass to get through security.  You go through security as if you were flying.  Usually, the airlines want you to wait at the gate until the plane takes off when departing.  And they want you there before the plane lands when arriving.  Good luck!

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