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Saving texts?

Does anyone have any suggestions for saving texts?  My SO has a pay as you go phone so it isn't fancy or anything so there aren't really a lot of options for saving texts.  His phone does not have a lot of memory so keeping them all on the phone is starting to become a problem.  For now I have been taking pictures of the texts and we save them to a file on the computer which takes a long time since the messages usually don't all fit in one screen so one text sometimes equals 5 pics, but it is all I could think of. We tried emailing them from the phone but the person's number who sent them doesn't show up so that doesn't help.  Any other suggestions or is this the best way?  Also will it be a problem that they are pictures of the texts instead of the actual ones?

Re: Saving texts?

  • What you do is what I do. It's a REALLY annoying process, but we don't have internet or anything on our phones, so that seems to be the best option. I'm interested to hear if anyone else has a better suggestion.

    Oh, and emailing it isn't good regardless because emails can be too easily manipulated. 

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    What we're doing is downloading the texts from the phone.  It's a huge pain in the a$$, since they download from the current date backward, but it shows who it came from.  DH has an Iphone 3.  We bought the software online for about $20. I put them in order and save as a .pdf file.  That can't be altered without software we don't have.  It's not perfect, but all the texts are also on his phone in a cloud thru AT&T.  When I asked Sprint, they told me this was impossible with an Iphone.  I had just finished 24 hours of putting the texts in chronolological order from the 2 years before, so I told the manager he was wrong.  I still don't know if it's an Iphone thing or AT&T, but we have separate plans because of it.
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