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Ummm its 3pm... another vent...

Yesterday I went on a rant about BM calling way after her pick up time thinking she could pick up SD 2 hours later. Because my DH told her no, she asked if she could pick her up today instead. He said yes. So when I scheduled SD's after school care, I didn't schedule for today.

BM just called and told us that she couldn't get to the school to get SD. She couldn't get a hold of her DD17 (who doesn't even live with her) to give her a ride. So basically she made plans yesterday without even talking to her DD and just assumed she would do it?  

School gets out in 20 minutes! Luckily I'm working from home and my neighbor who's DD is BFFs with my SD can grab her and drop her off for me since my DD is napping. We're going to have to start keeping track again. The judge ordered that she give us 24 hours notice when she can't pick up DD or he would take her weekday visitation away (this used to be a habit). 

I'll say it again, just when I thought she was getting it together...

and again... vent over.  


Re: Ummm its 3pm... another vent...

  • No fun, glad there is an easy solution to this today.  I cannot stand the BF schedule changes at the last minute and don't buy into the concept that because it's BF or whatnot some should be expected.  Having said that, both BM and exh make last minute plans (like...not picking the kids up on Christmas Eve from a party).  Hang in there!
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  • image MelRC117:
    Must be nice to just not have to be a parent when you're sick, transportation doesn't work out, it just doesn't work with your schedule that day.....


    exactly!! its so frustrating!! Its not like she gets to see her everyday, not even close. And then I've got to deal with the miserable SD who was expecting her mom to pick her up.


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