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crocs make anyone's LO feet peel?

both my DD's feet are peeling on the bottom of her toes & the ball of her foot. This started after she wore her crocs all day w/ no socks for a week or two... while I realize that athlete's foot can look like this, it seems odd to me that both feet would simultaneously do this, and it is also just the bottoms, not in between the toes, no itching or burning, etc. I am thinking those bumps on the bottom of hte crocs plus a little sweating are maybe causing it. Is this a common problem and once her feet 'get used to it' will it stop or I am going to have to put the kabash on the crocs?

Re: crocs make anyone's LO feet peel?

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    My boys pretty much live in crocs every spring and summer and have never had this issue.
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  • My DS wore crocs all last summer and has been wearing them for a few weeks this year already, never with socks. He has never had any problems.
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  • I know a little guy that this happens to if he puts on his sisters crocs (he's not even 2 so he doesn't have his own yet).  I wonder if it's just a reaction to the material.  I'd either try washing them or trying a different pair of shoes.  


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    My 3 year old gets this.  He got it really bad last summer.  I ended up calling the pedi.  He said it was sweaty foot syndrome (google it, I am not joking on the name).  It is caused from LOs feet constantly being covered from footed pajamas or socks in the heat.  This causes their feet to sweat and they never get dry.  He said that crocs don't let the feet breath and can cause it too.  What we did was once it got hot we eliminated footed pajamas and encouraged him to go barefoot around the house and outside.  When he gets a bad case I put A and D ointment on it and not let him get his feet wet for 2 weeks and then is cleared up.  Hope this helps! a message back from pedi today & it is definitely this...DD sweats a lot in general so I'm not surprised. She suggested 1% hydrocortisone until it clears up. DD loves her crocs so I told her once the peeling is gone we can try one more time w/ powder on her feet but if they still peel we're done w/ crocs with no socks, sadly... Gotta find some other 'cool' shoes I guess. I tried to interest her in some Keens but she refused...

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