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Before or after vacation?

Our LO woke 3-4 times a night until she was 7 months old when the only sleep training that would help is Ferber, which she understood quickly (only took a 2-3 nights). We did this just to cut the wakings down, not out completely.

At our last appointment LOs doctor made it clear (in a nice way) that she does not have to eat any more during the night. She still wakes 2x nightly. I BF and it's clear to me that she doesn't NEED it, either. She barely puts effort into eating when she wakes and goes back down quickly. Here's my question:

 We're going on a vacation in two weeks. It's same time zone and only a few hours away. I'm worried that LO will be out of her element, and any efforts we put into sleep training her before will just be lost with the change of setting and when we come back home will have to start all over again. Or, am I just over thinking? 

Re: Before or after vacation?

  • I did a lot of traveling with my first son. We even moved across the country when he was about 4months old and he did fine adjusting. But there where a few times we would go visit family over the weekend and he would have trouble sleeping through the night. He was bottle fed and sometimes when he would wake up he would take a bottle, other times he just wanted to cuddle. But every time we came back home, he would go back to sleeping through the night after the first night or so without any problem. Honestly, youre not going to know how your little one is going to react until you go. Don't stress about it cause she will pick up on that and that may make it hard for her to relax and sleep
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  • We have not done any sleep training yet, but our ped said not to start before a trip or anything that would be disruptive of her routine or stressful (ie, we were going out of town and then my MIL was coming in town for a week, so it was recommended that we wait until after she left).
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