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I will be a new mom as well as new to the Portland area. I am trying to choose between Legacy Emmanuel or NW Women's Clinic. Was wondering if anyone have experience with either. Would love any advice you have!

Thanks. =) 

Re: Emmanuel or NW Women

  • I am seeing a midwife at Emmanuel. I live in Vancouver but I've had 3 sections and Wa state midwives can't attend in this situation. I am so happy here! They give me hope
  • I like Emmanuel, but because it's the second best hospital in Portland, it's very busy. I chose to go with the Providence Medical Group OBGYN Crystal Query up on Interstate (near Taco Bell, New Seasons, etc.) I have always gone to Providence, hell I was born at the old hospital in Newberg :) Anywho, it's close, I love my doctor already and that's my opinion.

    John and Jessie :)
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  • both are nice NW Womens clinic is nice they have 2 locations
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