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Anyone stationed at Fort Bliss?

I am a AF wife headed to Fort Bliss this summer. Earlier this year i married my best friend and we have just started our attempt to concieve a few months ago. I am almost 36 and have an 11 year old daughter from a precious relationship. My DH (35) has no kids of his own but we really want to have a child together. We are coming from Fairbanks, AK so Texas will be a big change for us. Any info about Bliss, prenatal (including high risk) info, private schools for middle school age in El Paso, housing info, ect. Would be awesome. I know that our housing options are Paso Del Norte or Areo Vista. Thanks in advance!!

Re: Anyone stationed at Fort Bliss?

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    We've been stationed here in El Paso for seven years now and really love it here.  Re: housing, I've never lived on post, but some of our friends who have really like the options at Bliss.  There's a lot of new housing, and the commissary/PX have recently been remodeled and are quite nice.  For schools, you might want to look into Radford since it's close to base and one of the best private schools in the city.  Both local school districts (EPISD and YISD) have great public middle school options, though I wouldn't recommend the schools you'd be zoned for if you live on post.  Both districts offer open enrollment, so if you want to go the public route it's easy enough to send your kids to the school of your choice.

    El Paso is a great town, and I'm always happy to answer questions about what it's like to live here.   

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  • I checked out Radford and spoke to the principal for over an hour about the school. It is a top contender but I am also considering Loretto Academy (since it it all girls 6-12 grade),  Immanuel Christian School,  Northeast Christian Academy, or Our Lady of Assumption School.  Radford is about $10,000 a year which is at the top of our budget but DH supports me if I decide that is where I want to send my DD. Loretto is about $7,000 a year and the others are slightly less. I am not catholic but it is not required to attend the other schools. My DD would be required to attend Mass weekly though. She has been in a Christian school till now but I am open to all schools when considering what is available. The "best" school in El Paso, may not be "best" for my DD. I guess I am trying to get real feedback from word of mouth from those around the area. If I am spending $10,000 a year for education, I am expecting a top notch experience for her as well. If I am spending less, I can easily supplement with other things. 

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