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Lactose intolerant after removing dairy?

My sister said she learned in biology class that if you stop consuming lactose your body stops producing lactase and you might have problems if you start consuming it again.  I LOVE dairy but gave it up to BF due to food allergies.  I've been off dairy for 7.5 months so naturally this has me scared.  Has anyone ever heard of this?  Or did you go on to start consuming dairy again with no problems?  I know 3 people in real life who've removed dairy and then started eating it again and they never mentioned this problem to me.

I don't want to hear about how there is life without dairy or if I can just take supplements for the rest of my life or whatever.  I want to hear that this won't be a problem and I can just start eating it again (I plan to ramp up slowly).  Please....


Re: Lactose intolerant after removing dairy?

  • While your sister is right, if you stop consuming lactose, you stop making lactase... but once you start eating it again your body will make lactase... most times. If for some crazy chance you suddenly become lactose intolerant, then it happens.. that just means your body is hard to kick start the lactase again.

    You already cut out dairy, so either way (lactose intolerant or not) to find out, you have to start consuming again.

    There are a lot of things your body produces and stops producing.. then restarts producing. It is an amazing thing, the body. The only way to find out is to do it. Take note that you may have gas and stomach pains the first time you eat it again, but you should start seeing it go away if you keep consuming.

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  • greyt00greyt00 member
    Thanks.  I was already wary of starting again (dairy "clogs me up") so I planned to go slow.  In a couple of weeks I will start feeding dairy to my baby, see if he can handle it, and then start eating dairy again myself if all is well.  I sure hope my body cooperates.  It appears he is OK with soy now, so that's one victory.

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