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Do you think it's teething or sick or something else?

On Thursday my LO woke up with a 101 fever. She slept most of the day. No other symptoms other than a little cranky. On Friday her temp was back to normal but she has been abnormally fussy and refuses to sleep since then. She is normally extremely good at sleeping. Day or night no problems hardly ever. Do you think even though her fever went away she's still not feeling well? Also about 10 days ago her top teeth started coming in. I doubt it's that since that was like a week before she got the fever but do you think that's a possibility? Also she learned to crawl the day before her fever so now I'm wondering if maybe that has something to do with it. Any ideas? I'm trying to figure out if I need to take her to the doc or not. Her not sleeping is bothering me that maybe something is wrong with her.

Re: Do you think it's teething or sick or something else?

  • Honestly, if I were you I would take her in if you are concerned.  And I am not a worry wart kind of mom.  It can't hurt to take her in and would only take about an hour of your time.

    My DS was acting very fussy and not sleeping a few weeks ago so I took him in to get checked and he had an ear infection (his first ever).  I waited 2 days thinking it was teething or something...once I found out he had a pretty bad ear infection, I felt horrible for waiting so long to get him to the DR.

    Good Luck! 


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  • I agree with PP; it couldn't hurt to have a look at by a doctor
    And then there were three...

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