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DH and I are getting relocated to Cleveland. We live in CT right now. The move has to happen relatively quickly so I'm scrambling to figure everything out. Great school district is a top priority for us. We'll also need a great daycare (we have two young girls) and a 45min or less commute to downtown Cleveland.

Can you recommend some areas for us to begin house-hunting in? I know Solon keeps popping up as a great place to be but I'm not finding many good homes for sale there right now. Do houses sell quickly there?

Also, does anyone know if there's a spin-off message board anywhere for Cleveland moms? TIA!

Re: Moving to Cleveland

  • Welcome to Ohio:) Where to begin...There are a lot of great towns that have great schools. What side of Cleveland do you want to be on? That would be a good place to start! I would reccommend looking at the property taxes in each town too b/c boy some are really high but, I guess you get what you pay for especially when it comes to schools. I am a westsider so, more familiar with those towns so, I would say Strongsville (there's a nice mall here but, a bit too busy of a town for me to live in-I avoid being in this town after Noon on a weekend!), Olmsted Falls (more quaint - has cute Grand Pacific Junction), Medina (big town but, has small town feel w/a town square full of small businesses - I personally really like Medina! They have a beautiful newer huge High School attached to thier rec center - I subsitute taught there quite a bit), Westlake (Crocker Park - google it!), Avon & Avon Lake. Strongsville, Medina & Avon have really built up in the last 10+ years - these 3 have lots of stores where as Olmsted Falls is a smaller but, very close to North Olmsted where there is also a mall and plenty of stores. Do you want to be suburb or more rural? Medina has both where as the others are more or less your small lots in developments. I would consider the Eastside more "up-ity"/highend but...they are known to get more snow (primary snow belt!!) so that may be something to factor in too:) Solon is beautiful! Beachwood (Legacy Village - google it!), Husdon, Orange (great schools) Well, all of them have great schools really!! I am sure there are a few more I am forgetting!! If you have any specific ?'s just let me know & I'll try to answer them - I love house hunting DH says I should be a realtor:)
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  • I live on the east side in Cleveland Heights. I love where I live! Shaker Heights and Beachwood have the best schools in my area, property taxes are high though.
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  • Welcome to Cleveland!  I've lived in suburbs on every side of town, and they all have their pluses/minuses, but I have to say, I've liked just about every city I've lived in.  If you're looking west side, Lakewood is great for it's culture, Rocky River has great schools and great location (close to everything - shopping, highway access, restaurants, healthcare), Westlake and Bay Village also have great schools, nice communities.  I once lived in Willoughby on the east side, and their downtown area is fantastic - I think the schools are ok, but never had any experience with them.  Chagrin Falls on the southeast side is a really homey community, and also has the most adorable old-fashioned town square/downtown area.

    If you're planning on a daycare center, plan for at least $200/week/child, depending on the age of your kids.

    One of the local magazines rates the suburbs each year, you might find their take useful:

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  • All great suggestions! I would add Brunswick to the list. The city is growing rapidly and is within 25 min of Cleveland and Akron-right in the middle of everything. Additionally Brunswick City Schools are rated "Excellent" by the State of Ohio. Another selling point is that property taxes are lower than Cuyahoga county while home values mirror those of Strongsville, N.Royalton. and N.Olmsted.


    Just something additional to consider!

  • Our house is for sale in Willowick - in Lake County! :) We literally have an elementary school and middle school in the backyard.

    Welcome to Ohio! 

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  • Welcome to Cleveland! Try looking in Independence. It is a great place to live and it's about 20mins to downtown.
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  • Brecksville has great schools as well and like Independence is close to downtown and has great freeway access to well everywhere. Plus, you'll get more house for the $$ than areas like Lakewood, Rocky River and Bay.  Where will your husband be working?  Medina is everything the pp suggested but a long commute to downtown.  How important is diversity?  Bay Village schools are great - constantly ranked as some of the best in the state - but it is not a particularly diverse area. GL 
  • Thank you all! Lots of great suggestions to look into. I think right now we are looking more into the West side suburbs - Bay Village, Rocky River, Avon, Avon Lake, etc. But also Mentor and Solon are still on the list. I don't know. We really want top schools but diversity is important to us too. We're looking at homes up to $300k but they don't necessarily need to be huge. We're more concerned about investing in a good area rather than getting the most house for our money.

    This is so tough figuring this all out from afar. We'll be making a trip to the area in January so I hope we can get a good feel for places then. If anyone knows of any other message boards for young families that might be helpful to tap into let me know. Eventually I'll need daycare/nanny recommendations too. Eeek! Thanks again.

  • I would think strongsville, beachwood, parma, middleburgh hts .


  • I would think strongsville, beachwood, parma, middleburgh hts .


  • Not sure if you have moved yet but we just moved to Avon in October . The schools are great DD is only 13 months though if you decide to move to the area feel free to contact me with questions.
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  • image jessicabunny1:

    I would think strongsville, beachwood, parma, middleburgh hts .



    I run an apartment complex in North Royalton.......I am shameless haha (no commission here but love my complex)

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  • Did you move yet? Shaker Heights has amazing schools!
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