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what kinds of table food is your 9mo eating?

My son is 9 months today and has 4 teeth. I'd like him to start trying new things. So far he's had pastina, meatballs, chicken, mashed potatoes, cheese cheerios and strawberries. Are the Gerber Graduate type meals worth it? He's really good at picking up little things. I plan to try alphabet pasta, oatmeal and pancakes soon too. Thanks!!

Re: what kinds of table food is your 9mo eating?

  • My LO eats steamed fruits/veggies or cut up pieces if the fruit is soft enough, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, edamame, oatmeal, yogurt, cheese, puffs, Gerber's Lil Crunchies, goldfish, toast, eggs, pancakes, meatballs, and chicken
  • The Gerber Graduates meals smell horrible and DD won't even taste them.  She was just starting to eat table food at 9mo, she was eating avocado, peas, green beans, yogurt, applesauce, waffles (I buy the Earth's Best mini whole wheat waffles) and string cheese.
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  • for breakfast he'll eat banana, eggs, waffles, pancakes, cut up fruit like berries and grapes, cherios, etc.

    for lunch he eats anything really... fruit, mac & cheese, veggies cut up (peas, carrots, lima beans, green beans, snap peas ), yogurt

    for dinner, he'll have what we're having.  chicken, veggies (brocolli, cauliflower, asparagus... any veggie).  He has eaten spaghetti (messy), meatballs, meat sauce, stir fry, beans, rice, lentils...

    His doctor said he can have anything but honey.  So, we have introduced everything to him including strawberries and peanut butter.  

    We have a good eater in our hands :)


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  • We don't do pasta as we eat "clean".  I have him try everything we eat for dinner.  

    He loves fish.  We do cod and salmon typically.  Last night he tried pork tenderloin and loved it.  He's got two teeth and so I give him small bites.

    What he likes so far is roasted squash, mushrooms, roasted bell peppers, peas,  etc.

    He doesn't lke apples!  How weird, but I'm hoping that will change.  I even cooked up some apples to put in his oatmeal and he literally gagged.  

    He absolutely loves bananas.  Like, I wonder when he'll turn into one.  We're buying 5-6 bushels a week (mom and dad eat them too)

    Breakfast is typically : Oatmeal and bananas

    Lunch: Sweetpotato and chicken puree.

    Dinner: Whatever is on our plates for dinner and he usually eats a huge bowl of plain yogurt with bananas or avacodos smashed in.

    I also make him banana smoothies.  It's the only way I can get him to take formula (I still BF).  Anyhow, it's banana, formula and ice.  I puree that in my processor and voila. 

  • Avocados, baked butternut squash fries, baked sweet potato fries (both seasoned with cinnamon), greek yogurt, bananas, pancakes, large curd cottage cheese, canned fruits with no sugar added and watermelon.

     Going to try fresh kiwi and strawberries tonight. I still give her purees and that's where she gets most of her veggies and meats. We also do gerber puffs, arrowroot cookies, the little cheeto looking things by gerber, yogurt melts and baby mum mums.

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