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Pasta salad

Am i allowed to have pasta salad? I remember reading about not having prepared salads but this is shipped in.

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  • Hmmm, never heard of or read anything against pasta salads, or salad in general. I guess just make sure all the individual ingredients are safe.
  • Mmmmm pasta salad... it should be safe and sounds soooo yummy!

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  • My favorite one is full of mayo so I'm not touching it until jan
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    My favorite one is full of mayo so I'm not touching it until jan

    My favorite is full of mayo, too and I'm gonna eat a bunch on Memorial Day.  Hooray for mom's macaroni salad! Store bought mayo is safe.

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  • I haven't heard anything about pasta salad, but I understand about getting things out of the deli case at your supermarket...

    I used to work in a deli in high school and we were required by law to keep temperature logs of all the food cases as to ensure proper refrigeration so that food didn't start growing bacteria. If we failed a temperature test we had to remove all the items out of the case and discard them. If you are worried, you can ask to see the store's temp logs for peace of mind.  

  • If I heard about one more food I'm "not supposed to eat" I'm going to scream.  Sorry.  That was just me being hangry (hungry + angry).
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    If I couldn't eat pasta salad, pregnant or non, I would off myself.

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