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Tricare Reserve Select and non network hospital

Does anyone know who much it costs to get prenatal labor and delivery in a non network hospital if you have Reserve select? I have called Tri Care and getting very mixed answers. My doctor is in network but the hospital I am planning to deliver at is not.

Re: Tricare Reserve Select and non network hospital

  • I have tricare reserve select as well and the only amount you pay is your 20% of the cost of treatment (when you are in network it is 15%) until you reach the total of 1000 dollars which is the deductible and then after that they cover all costs. We just got on Reserve Select when my hubby got back from AIT in February and hadn't used any of the costs till we found out I was pregnant. We have a beginning deductible to meet which is the family rate of $300 which we just reached and now we will only be paying 20% (because I am at an out of network place) of each doctors appointment till we reach our cap of $1000. Then, we pay nothing out of pocket and insurance covers it all. Hope that answers your question! 
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