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PSA-- allermates back on zulily!

HI ladies--- just a PSA that allermates are back on zulily today!   I LOOOOOOVE these things.  For those who are new on this board, my DS1 was allergic to everything--- wheat, all dairy, soy, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.  Luckily, he's growing out of most of them --but dairy is still a tough one.  I like the bracelet that has multiple "pins" for the allergies--although now we just have to use the dairy.  It's a good reminder to the caregivers, especially if your LOs are in a daycare setting.  Just a constant visual plus kids love this type of style of bracelet.  Anyways--just wanted to share because I know firsthand how scary food allergies are.


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    Thanks! I just ordered the multi band for DD1. I wish it came with the soy pin, but I'll just order it through Allermates. We're starting to talk about preschool for her and I'm really paranoid about leaving her someone else's care, due to her allergies. 
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  • I can't believe he outgrew so many of his allergies!  That is amazing!  And thanks for the PSA...
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    I can't believe he outgrew so many of his allergies!  That is amazing!  And thanks for the PSA...

    I know!  I was in shock every time he outgrew one.  The one that seems to be sticking is actual cow's milk, yet he can have ice cream now.  But even that changed just over the last few months --no longer getting rash around mouth from ice cream. 

    So stay hopeful because I'm learning time does help allergies.  I never believed it until now. 

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