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Hi ladies!!! I'm 7 weeks 5 days pregnant with my first baby! I am UBER excited and would love to connect with moms-to-be in my area. My mom lives about 30 minutes south of Richmond and was last pregnant in 1983--lol, so some things have changed since then. She gives me practical advice and I really appreciate it. I would like to hear from someone around my age (33), experiencing the same things I am. Looking forward to connecting!
kimnykk !1st time mommy!

Re: Stafford/Fredericksburg Area

  • yay!!!!!! soo excited for you!!! check out they have tons of different groups..if nothing is on there you like, create your own group...
  • kimnykkkimnykk member
    Thank you nicibee75!
    kimnykk !1st time mommy!
  • There is a private facebook group for DC - Montgomery County and surrounding area. Love to have you join and please spread the word. It is with kickSprout and really a great place to chat with other Moms-To-Be and Mommies, ask questions, give advice, set up playdates, giveaways and even some events! 

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