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Trying to eat healthy

Hi Ladies,

I'm looking for some advice on how to stay motivated and eating well during my pregnancy.  Usually this is not much of a problem for my husband and I, but I have been restricted from exercising for the next couple of weeks.  Whenever I'm not exercising I always start sliding into bad eating habits!  Any advice to how to avoid the sweets and junk food?

Re: Trying to eat healthy

  • Ditto PP - just don't have them around. I'm much less likely to go to the store for a craving, but if I have a candy bar here, well it's easy to just eat it.

    And make sure you're eating enough/consistently so as to not get super hungry. I find I really only crave "junk" when I go too long between meals. Have healthy snacks around and ready to eat - nuts/raisins, carrot sticks, cut up fruit, etc. Make sure you're eating plenty of protein and fat to stay full longer.


  • abbyfulabbyful member

    I agree with "don't buy it!".

    We have a rule that if it's not on the list, it doesn't go in the cart. The only exceptions are healthy things that we didn't realize are on sale, so for example if frozen shrimp is half price we'll make that an exception.

    Also, don't go down the aisles! Do all your shopping around the edge of the store: produce, meat, and dairy sections. Only venture to the inner aisles for things like olive oil, rice, hot sauce, etc. Make a bee-line for them, then get out of the inner aisles as quickly as possible, don't browse! 

    Keep healthy snacks ready to go so no preparation is needed when you want them.


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  • I agree with the others. Don't let yourself get too hungry between meals. Always be prepared with healthy snacks around you. I keep almonds and my desk during work and some cheese slices and apples in the break room fridge. If I let myself get too hungry I'll start craving all the bad stuff! And of course, just don't buy the junk!
  • Not sure how far along you are, but to me the first tri is all about survival.  Do the best you can, but don't beat yourself up over it either.  It's a lot easier once you get into the 2nd & 3rd tri.  What about joining a CSA?  We just did that recently and every week we get a big box of the most beautiful vegetables.  It's great because we are supporting local farmers and it encourages us to eat more veggies/fruits because we don't want it to go to waste.  Plus it's a fun way to learn to cook with new veggies and try things you might never pick up in the store.

    You might also try the Deceptively Delicious and/or the Double Delicious cookbooks.  It's all about ways to sneak fruits and veggies into every day foods.  So for example I made peanut butter and banana muffins last week and pureed inside was banana and cauliflower.   

  • Thanks for the advice ladies!  I think I am going to adopt the if it isn't on the list don't buy it motto.  Of course, I will have to start making a list.  Now that I'm just about done the first trimester I have noticed that I feel more willing to eat my normal foods again!
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