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Northside Forsyth OBGYN/Midwife Rec

I'm newly pregnant for a second time and was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for an OBGYN or midwife that delivers at Northside Forsyth. The practice I used last time has changed a lot so I thought I'd see what's out there.  Thanks ladies!

Re: Northside Forsyth OBGYN/Midwife Rec

  • I love Dr Nancy Walsh and the other OBs at North Point OBGYN. Their office is located at the hospital.
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  • Dr. Angela Nix - Roswell OBGYN. See post above. She delivered my DD at Forsyth. 
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  • I also see Dr Walsh at Northpoint OBGYN. I saw the midwives at Northpoint with my last baby. I hope to get the all clear next week to go back to the midwives. Although, I really like Dr. Walsh. 

    With my last baby i had preeclampsia and had to go 3 times for observations at the hospital. Dr. walsh came over to introduce her self. The other doctors just called the nurse on the phone.

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