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Evelyn's coming home!

I know I have been the worst updater probably to history, and just want you all to know how much i appreciate your support and well wishes.  I had plans to update along the way, but some days just came and went without me even knowing it seems.  Our nicu journey is coming to the end thankfully, its been 46 days so far and it is looking like Saturday will be the day we get to take our little girl home, granted she behaves and doesn't have any episodes! 

 We have had our shares of ups and downs, with the CMV exposure, a very mild grade I IVH and now most recently an abnormal brain MRI.  I guess this was to be expected with the CMV, it just is upsetting that we don't know what the future holds for Evelyn.  They are unable to give us any true prognosis as "every case is different" and we will just have to "wait and see" as they keep saying.  The only thing i do know is that she has captured our hearts completely.  She is a good eater, sleeps on her schedule and is gaining weight!  4 lbs 5 oz now.  She has big beautiful eyes and a head full of hair, and soon will be home with us.  Thursday is the hearing test, a big day for us as almost 60% of babies with congenital CMV have some sort of hearing loss either partial or complete.  The test they do in the NICU is more advanced than the normal newborn exam and we will know immediately if she has hearing loss.  So fingers crossed for some good news!  I am trying to attach pics, Jen I may need your help with this if they don't load  :) 

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Re: Evelyn's coming home!

  • So awesome!!! I hope she is home with you guys on Saturday night. I also really hope the CMV doesn't have a lasting effect. 

    I'm sending you a PM about the FB page if you're interested in joining.

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  • I am so happy to hear that she is about to come home. And no matter what the future holds, I know you will love her no less. She sounds like an amazing girl already! Certainly a little fighter!

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    Pictures of baby Evelyn. Congrats M! She's adorable. Crossing my fingers that all goes this Thursday and E is home with you on Saturday. 




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    So happy to hear she should be home soon!! T&Ps that there is no hearing loss and that she grows up healthy as can be!!
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    Someone's getting a little brother!
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  • Such wonderful news...continued T&P to you!
  • Woohoo!!!
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  • Yay for bringing home the baby!!  I had to look up CMV. I'm sorry to hear that your daughter has to deal with this and I pray that she does have any permanent issues.

    Our Evelyn was born with a congenital eye disorder, so she has been seeing an amazing pediatric ophthalmologist.  If you need a rec, please let me know.


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  • I'm so glad she's coming home!!!! I will definitely keep you in my thoughts for a positive outlook on her future. She's very very lucky to have such a great support system.
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