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Hey Everyone,

 I am currently 31 weeks and just moved back to the South Charlotte/Ballantyne are.  My husband and I are trying to figure out childcare for when I go back to work in September and would really like to either have someone watch our little buy in our home or in their home.  Does anyone have any recommendations on how to find someone reliable and not crazy expensive?  We would like to avoid childcare centers for at least the first year if at all possible.  Thank you for any recommendations!!!

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  • I live on the other side of the state, so I can't recommend anyone.  Have you looked into costs though?  I don't know what your definition of crazy expensive is, but for one child where I live, a nanny is about 4x the cost of daycare.

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  • Word of mouth is the best. Because you don't need anyone until after school would start in Char-Meck anyway, ask neighbors who have college aged babysitters watch their LOs during the summer. 

    I am also in South Charlotte (Matthews area) and there are LOTS of 18-20 something females looking for nanny/babysitting type jobs. Like PP said, it will be pricier than a daycare (although for infants, daycare is expensive anyway, so I would challenge that it is 4x more expensive). You would probably be looking at at least 200 a week. 

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