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breastpump coverage

I'm sorry if this gets asked all the time, but I don't have time to check through the posts...  Has anyone had a breastpump covered by Tricare (UHC)?  I gave birth to my pregnancy ticker (below) baby on Monday and we are doing triple feeds, so I have a prescription from the pediatrician for one.  Will Tricare cover it?  Thanks!
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Re: breastpump coverage

  • Call UHC/Tricare, but since you have a late-pretermer they will sometimes cover it.  Everything has been a little weird (and messed up!) since the transition to UHC so call then take your script to a medical supply company.
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  • I'm switching to Tricare (Prime) in June.  Do they cover breast pumps?  I didn't know that insurance companies even covered them until my sister said hers was.
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  • Tricare will cover pumps if you have a preterm baby. Other than that, tricare is a benefit and not insurance, according to the government, and because of this it is not required to pay for pumps.
  • I had difficulty's bfing, tongue tie and bad latch, and while Tricare wouldn't cover breast pumps the base hospital let me check out a hospital grade one for as long as I needed it.  You may want to look into that if Tricare won't cover a pump.
  • I was able to just borrow one from the nearest base naval hospital, which is not where I delivered. No insurance involved at all, I just checked it out like any other piece of military gear. Maybe if you are near a base, you can call them and ask?
  • I was told by my women's center that they will only cover if you have a premie or any other medical need. Otherwise, all you get is some type if hand pump
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  • Thanks ladies! Looks like I'm buying my own which is what I originally thought I would have to do anyhow. 
  • I'd also check into the WIC program. Many military families qualify and do not know it. (They do not count BAH towards your income.) I know WIC, at least here in CA, give breast pumps for certain situations.
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  • Tricare does not pay for breastpumps unless you have a premature baby. Starting in 2014 Tricare will have to pay for breastpumps because of some law,(that is what the WIC office has told me).
  • I gave delivered 10 days ago, my baby was preterm and low birth weight and I needed to get a breast pump...multiple calls to UHC later, I am told they will cover "hospital grade breast pump" with pre auth submitted by my OB. I had to just go ahead and rent one bc I couldn't wait the 8-10 days they said it would take to process the paperwork, so I still don't know if they will really cover it/reimburse me. Every time I called it felt like the person I was talking to had no idea of what was going on. So...will keep you posted on whether or not its covered!
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